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Enrichment Training

Fun for everyone

The Obedient Dog enrichment dog training classes help keep your dog busy and active, but most of all, they’re a lot of fun. Great for older dogs or dogs that need more – or perhaps better – hobbies. We offer Dog Tricks, Urban Herding, Scent Class, Pup-lates and more.

So your dog already knows how to sit and stay. There’s still so much more to learn! Our innovative dog training classes are conducted with games and fun, interactive activities you can continue to play with your dog at home. Our list of offerings continues to develop and grow. 

Tricks 1:  Learning Dog Tricks

Every dog needs a few tricks, and some dogs need even more! We’ll cover classic dog tricks like roll over, play dead, and sit up, as well as more advanced behaviors. This is a great class for teaching focus around other dogs.

Prerequisites:  Obedience 1 or consent of instructor. For dogs six months and up.

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