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Agility Training

What is Dog Agility Training?

Dog agility training at The Obedient Dog is an exhilarating dog sport perfect for young dogs as well as older ones - any size, any breed. Agility training helps you bond and deepen communication with your dog as you negotiate challenges and work your way through an obstacle course.

Absolutely any dog can do agility! Carefully designed with excitement and safety in mind, our dog agility training curriculum prepares you for fun from day one.

We offer a state-of-the-art dog agility course, fully equipped to provide you and your dog with the ultimate dog training experience in a sporty indoor environment. Our aluminum agility training equipment was designed and constructed with your dog’s fun and safety in mind. Rubber matting provides traction and support for both you and your dog while running around the agility course. Our dog agility course includes A-Frame, Dog Walk, Jumps (with wings, doubles, triples), 16' Tunnel, 12' Collapsed Tunnel, Teeter Totter (with adjustable tension for novice dogs), and Weave Poles (Channel).

Agility 1

Designed for the dog with basic obedience training but no agility training experience, you and your dog will learn the basics of dog agility, including obstacle management, development of control and confidence.

Prerequisites:  Obedience 1 or consent of instructor. For dogs nine months and up.

Agility 2

This intermediate agility training series will help your dog develop more control and fluidity along with an introduction to coursework and footwork. We’ll also troubleshoot some of the more pesky agility obstacles to develop speed.

Prerequisites:  Agility 1 or consent of instructor. For dogs nine months and up.

Agility 3

Advanced agility training emphasizes footwork and off-leash control to get you ready for agility competition. In this class, agility coursework and precision are emphasized.

Prerequisites:  Agility 2 or consent of instructor. For dogs one year and up.

Agility 4

Advanced handling and coursework encompassing all obstacles. Speed, attention to detail, and smooth progression through transitions will be emphasized.

Prerequisites:  Agility 3 or consent of instructor. For dogs one year and up.

Puppy Agility

With our fully-adjustable equipment, even puppies can learn agility! This class is designed to be easy on growing joints and bones. We emphasize coordination, balance, and confidence-building for your puppy, building upon the foundation of great communication learned in Puppy Preschool.

Prerequisites:  For puppies four to eight months. NOTE: we will allow puppies two to four months old, but there are some risks to consider vs. the socialization benefit of doing as many puppy classes as possible when your puppy is still in this developmental stage. If you'd like to discuss, please contact us.

Private Agility Training (for 1 or 2 dogs)

Private Agility Training (for 1 or 2 dogs)

Choose one-on-one agility training if you’re worried about your dog’s social skills in group agility classes, or if you’re hoping to enter your dog in national trials and need that extra push. Private Agility classes are also a great way to accommodate your busy schedule, as you can schedule your sessions whenever it’s most convenient for you. Private agility classes are half an hour long, which is the perfect amount of time for your dog to master the obstacles without getting exhausted either physically or mentally.

Prerequisites:  For dogs nine months and up.

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